Lost 57 pounds and 5 dress sizes.

 “…Most days I’m celebrating and trying to stick to my daily habits. I stumbled upon this picture from before I reached out to you for a change, and I cried. I can’t believe I didn’t see what I see now.

Thank you for everything. I am so overwhelmed with emotions at how happy I am with my new habits and life style and I know, without a doubt if you hadn’t made me feel hope that night on the phone, I might still be that girl trapped inside a body I hated.” 

— at Heart-well Fitness.

Michelle’s Journey



Reclaimed her body and her strength through new lifestyle habits.

I do feel I am ready to move on and continue with all the knowledge and wisdom you gave me!!

I am always telling my friends about you and how knowledgeable and encouraging you are.

I just love how you run your program, I think it’s so important to be guided by a lifestyle change and not quick fixes.

There are so many out there and I see so many of my co-workers and friends getting sucked in and falling off with no return.

Jill’s Experience


Lost 65 pounds and 4 dress sizes.

 …I am 62 years old, very overweight, and throughout my life have been very sedentary. Since working with Sandy I have lost 65 pounds and was told by my doctor that my blood test results were superb!

Sandy is very inspiring and motivating. She makes me want to move and better my physical self while taking into account my physical limitations. She is an excellent trainer and an expert in her field. I recommend her highly without hesitation and I am thankful that I found a wonderful coach that caters to my specific needs!

Marcey’s Experience